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November 07, 2018

The 25th Anniversary of Chervon: A grand celebration for “Growth”

On November 3rd, 2018, Chervon held the celebration ceremony for its 25th anniversary. Nearly 2,000 Chervon employees from all over the world, including Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changchun, North America, Germany, UK, Australia, etc., representatives of suppliers and Devon dealers were invited to attend the event and celebrate this commemorative moment. .


In the show “We Grow Together”, 35 Chervon employees, supplier and dealer representatives shared with us the happiness, sentiment and honor in their stories with Chervon during its 25 year development course.


The development of Chervon not only relies on the diligence of its employees, but also the long-term support of its partners, including the supplier partners that grow with us together along the way and the dealer partners who have experienced the ups and downs together with Devon. In the awards session, Chervon presented the memorial crystal cup to our valuable partners and 20 year employees.


 “The original aspiration of Chervon is to provide products with good quality. We’ll stick to the our vision – Better Tools. Better World. We not only make good tools, but also want to help build a better world through our efforts!”

President of Chervon, Mr. Pan Longquan said, “We have come all the way through hardships. Although we have made achievements, we just go on the road to success. We should not forget that there are still many challenges in the road ahead, and there is still the risk of falling behind. We need to keep our eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.”

Chervon will commit ourselves to continuous innovation and improvement, reinforce close and direct connection with our consumers by expanding original brand businesses and operations in the worldwide market, thereby strengthening our position as a leading global total-solution provider in the power-tool, outdoor-power-equipment and related industries.