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September 06, 2017

Chervon Welcomes Members of 100 Families to Open Day 2017

Parents and children of 100 Chervon employees attended the second annual Chervon Group Open Day on August 19 at the Chervon Research Center in Nanjing. 300 people attended the event, which was designed to help the family members better understand Chervon and the work that their loved ones are doing there.

Activities included visits to the R&D center and the Deshuo and Xingnengyuan Industrial parks, as well as meals in the staff cafeteria. A new activity, jointly developed by Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation and Chervon Group, is called Sharing Wise Saying. This activity focuses on the relationships between parents and children and encourages participants to push past inhibitions and publicly show their love for their parents.

“The most impressive part of today is visiting the laboratory,” a 6-year-old boy standing on the stage of the closing ceremony told the audience, “because I saw lots of interesting things I have never seen before.”  Bonnie, a new staff member commented, “I often heard my colleagues talk about 99, 308 and 529. Today after the visit, finally I know these numbers are the nick names of our three locations in Nanjing and reasons for the names!”

Open Days will continue to welcome more and more families.